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Lauren Daniel graduated in spring 2012 from Dillard.
Lauren Daniel graduated in spring 2012 from Dillard.
"Being a scholar-athlete teaches a person how to become more responsible with everyday life."  These are the words of former Lady Bleu Devils basketball player Lauren Daniel.

Daniel, a recent graduate of Dillard University, accepted a position at Brown Greer law firm located here in New Orleans. While at Dillard University she studied accounting and received her Bachelor of Science degree in May of 2012.

A native of New Orleans, Daniel began shooting hoops at a very young age.  Although she did not want to pursue a career in the sport, she trained hard and her work ethic has paid off.

"I learned that everyday life comes from the game of basketball, and being an unselfish team player worked on and off the court," said Daniel.  "There were times when I helped someone and needed help during the sport and in real life scenarios."

Hanging up the jersey temporarily for a suit, Daniel has adapted to the corporate world in a positive way.  Working in a firm, she said, is just like going to college.  However, the workforce is more structured.

"Time management is imperative.  Practicing that in college and with the basketball team has given me an idea of how important it is to maintain a job," said Daniel.  She gives 100 percent in everything she does, and this is the only way she knows how to reach her goals.

Daniel credits a lot of her success to her former coach KiKi Baker Barnes.

"She has prepared me as much as possible to make sure I know how to speak well, be on time, be prepared and to have good communication skills.  For all these effects, I thank her for that," said Daniel.

Barnes who is in her sixth season at Dillard said, "Lauren was a hard worker and really committed to being the best that she could be.  I was tough on her and her speaking highly of me insures me that she understood the pressure."

Barnes' programs focuses on making young women better than they were.  "I want the young ladies to leave here and be able to compete in their designated job markets.  My ultimate goal is to see them successful and rise to the top," said Barnes.

Daniel says she never forgets her life lessons.  One in particular is a constant reminder of why she strives for success.

"Everyone wants to win, more than they want to lose, but accept both.  Everything won't go your way. There will be great moments and downfalls," said Daniel.  "But if you work hard and continue to strive forward along the way, you will definitely come out a winner!"


*Photo provided by Lauren Daniel


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