2013 Women's Tennis
2013 Women's Tennis Standings
Xavier0-0.00019-8.704Lost 1
Tougaloo0-0.0003-11.214Lost 5
Fisk0-0.0000-1.000Lost 1

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     NEW ORLEANS — Six ranked tennis teams, including the women and men of Xavier University of Louisiana, will compete Friday in the NAIA Unaffiliated Group 2 Tournament at two local sites.
     Of the six women's teams in Group 2, three are in the top 10 of the NAIA coaches poll — No. 1 Georgia Gwinnett, No. 2 Xavier and No. 10 Oklahoma Baptist. Of the eight men's teams, Georgia Gwinnett is No. 3, Xavier is No. 10, and Oklahoma Baptist is No. 25. Georgia Gwinnett's men are 14-0 with 10 victories against ranked teams from the NAIA and NCAA divisions II and III.
     Individually, Xavier's Nour Abbes, Georgia Gwinnett's Valeria Podda and Oklahoma Baptist's Anastasia Baranova are 2-3-4 in the ITA's most recent ranking of NAIA women's singles players. Those schools also have three of the NAIA's top five women's doubles teams, including Xavier's No. 5 Kourtney Howell and Brion Flowers.

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